About us & the brand

Douchebag Clothing is a Swedish life style brand. Whether heading to the couch, the gym or work – suit up and look your best in comfortable clothes. We cover all personalities ranging from the fairly or extremely sporty type to the cosy couch potato. Regardless of who you are or where you’re going you’ll look good in our high quality clothes.

Today we store a couple of bags and some insanely good looking hoodies. Caps, tops, beanies and everything else? Yeah, we’re working on it.

Who will be able to wear our products? Anyone! There is nothing to suggest that a person wearing our clothes/bags is our should be a douchbag (whatever you might read into that word). We’ve created a brand with good looking, high quality products that anyone will feel comfortable with.

Our clothes look good and are of great quality.

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Suppliers and partners, from all over the globe are chosen with care. The complete supply chain must be kept intact and fair. Therefore we make sure that there are no poor working conditions, environmentally unfriendly dyes part of the process. And of course, the products must be subject to heavy duty usage.

Our factory is both GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.

More info about GOTS can be found here.
More information about OEKO-TEX can be found here.

Clothes should be kept clean. But if they do get dirty you should read the washing instructions for each item. Worth mentioning is that our hoodies should be washed seperately and should not be left wet in the machine. Follow the washing instructions and stretch-to-fit right after washing. If you by any chance ruin anything you know where to find new items!

Note that hoodies, for example, could be hung outside for a while for that fresh feeling. So no need to over wash! However, if there are stains or it has been worn for some time we do would recommend a moment of washing. 

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